Tuesday, 4 May 2010

April 12,2010

Dear Family

Soeur Kohler and I finished our week together strong. Last Monday we went to a museum and on Tuesday we spent most of the day with Kai and Belinda. She was a good comp, I'm glad we got to serve together.

I now have Soeur Curran from Florida. She is crazy; we have pretty much the same diet except that she likes tuna. We laugh all the time, except during serious missionary moments. Her train was 2 hours late getting here because she ran over some cows, only in France.

On Thursday we did a lot of finding and getting things organized and Friday was dynamite. We taught Marie, a woman from Nigeria who is very evangelical although she doesn't realize it. We also got in contact with a recent convert who was so M.I.A. Her own sister couldn't get a hold of her. And she was at church on Sunday.

On Saturday we went to district finding and found this way great guy, but he doesn't live in our area, so we had to pass his info. We also were walking and speaking English and talking about something funny and this guy turned his head and laughed, so we invited him to English class. I really hope he comes.

Before I talk about Sunday, I need to preface it with a miracle that occurred on Friday. We were walking to Marie’s and we stopped this woman and talked. She sounded way cool and agreed to come to church. Mind you, tons of people agree to come to church and never do. However, on Saturday night she called to confirm! And on Sunday, she showed up! And she loved church! And she wants to bring a friend next week! We are thinking baptismal date this week!

The other awesomeness is that Kai had his baptismal interview and it is definitely happening this Saturday! I am so excited! Belinda is giving a talk and it is just going to be such a great day. I remember when Siva and Talei dropped us and I had thought that they would be my first baptism and I was crushed. Soeur Kohler said "but you still have Kai.” I hope Soeur Kohler is able to come back for the baptism.

Well, that's all folks.

Love you lots.

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