Sunday, 30 May 2010

another dive in the ami pool..

May 24, 2010

Dear family,

I remember when Kai got baptized, I thought, "well, our schedule has opened up a lot." Then, we found Xavier and now he is BAPTIZED and I am starting the think the same thing. Don’t think we aren't teaching other people; we are, just not anyone that is superly progressing or saying anything worth reporting.

Xavier’s baptism went greaaat. Everything was so good and everyone remarked how strong the Spirit was. He bought a new suit and tie and was looking sharp. On Sunday after his confirmation and received the priesthood, I asked him if he could feel the power. He looked at me and really sincerely said yes. It was soooo good! We also got word that both Soeur Curran and I are staying in
Lille. On 19 June there is a young adult temple trip to London and Xavier will go and we will be here for it! soooooo EXCITED!

On Friday I didn't go to
Brussels, Soeur Carson who is in my apartment and has Belgium legality got an appointment to go and renew it at the last minute and took my spot. Oh well.

We taught one of the senior couple's amis while they were out of town and she was awesome. It is amazing how much she has changed with the gospel in her life.

Kai and Belinda left this week for
Tonga :( she said she'd write soon to tell me how her trip went. It took them like 2 days to get there! They are such good people and I am glad that I have had this time to get to know them.

A friend of Birdie’s is living here this summer. We were going to take a picture at the baptism, but we forgot.

Know that I love you all sooo sooo soooo much! 9 months this week! HOLY COW where does it go! That number just sounds big because when I think of Soeur Roberts, Soeur Bellini, Soeur Kohler and transfer 1 with Soeur Curran, I remember where the time went.

Keep being great family!


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