Tuesday, 4 May 2010

April 26, 2010 oh yes oh yes

Dear family,

As we all know, MY FIRST BAPTISM WAS ON SATURDAY AND IT WAS FANTASTIC! Kai was so happy and so good. Belinda gave such a good talk and the girls behaved themselves. We had the best refreshments of the baptisms here. I made lemon bars, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. Keep in mind, brownies were from scratch, boxed cake mixes don't exist in France. Soeur Kohler came back and I know that meant a lot to Belinda and Kai since Siva and Talei didn't come. I'll probably send a baptismal program home, we took like ten each. On Sunday he was confirmed and received the priesthood. Belinda asked me when he could bless the sacrament. I told her probably next week. After sacrament meeting the elders asked Kai to go on a split with them, which he was really excited for and enjoyed it a lot. He will probably go teaching with them a lot.

Zone conference was this week. Elder Teixeira from the seventies was here and he was really good. His wife asked for a companionship to come up and contact her and her husband. I looked down and thought "I wonder who is dumb enough to fall for that one." I then looked over and Soeur Curran’s hand was up. It took a minute for my heart to stop beating a million miles a minute. We contacted and sat down. Everyone was giving positive feedback and she told them to start saying things for us to work on. The responses were limited and were things that we normally do in a contact.

About a week ago the assistants called us and asked us to get corsages for Soeur Staheli and Soeur Teixeira. We also were to wait at the door and greet them and pin the corsages on them. Just remember what I said last week, that being with Soeur Curran is a lot like of fun. There was a lot of giggling and we felt kind of silly with this task, as honored as we were. Also, French corsages are not nearly as good as American ones.

Jeanine is progressing well. She comes to every activity we invite her. Sadly, she lives with her boyfriend and we think there may be a word of wisdom issue, but other than that she definitely has the desire. She wore a skirt to institute. We think it's because everyone was wearing them on Sunday. Well, not everyone, pants to church in France isn't unseen; it's almost more popular than skirts.

We also found a guy named Xavier that is a funny story. We were on the metro and he was doing the tag stare. We started talking and he asked us to tell him the story of Jesus. We told him and fixed a rendez-vous for a couple days later. He didn't show up, but later that night called and said that something had come up and that he would like to see us again, so we saw him on Sunday. It was a really good rendez-vous. In preach my gospel it says that as we teach we will be answering questions that people didn't even know they had and it really felt that way with Xavier. We are thinking baptismal date this week. I know, you think crazy, but the elders fixed on with someone and he didn't even have a book of Mormon yet! Just craziness. Yet, awesomeness.

Last p-day we went to the zoo. I took my typical wayfarer peace sign picture and then Elder Dalton wanted to take one. It was fun. Today we are going to the kilo shop, a store where nothing has prices, just by the kilo in hopes of finding a Lille soccer jersey.

Peace and love family, keep being great!


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