Sunday, 27 February 2011


Visting Fountainebleu

The Boots are Off

February 14. 2011
Dear family,

This week, the boots have come off and I am adjusting to wearing shoes. It is a painful adjustment as I have all my boot calices getting rubbed funny and breaking in the shoes. However, I do like how liberating it feels to not be super layered :)

This week was INSANE with amazing things happening! More so, the weekend, but I will extend it into the week!

On Tuesday, we went porting,(tracting) We were on the bus when I felt like we should get off at a the next stop. The first door we knocked was this elderly man from Laos! We were speaking in French and then he asked if I was from Sweden, when I said no, that I was from America and he FLIPPED out! He was so excited! We talked with him for about 15 minutes and didn't quite make it to talking about the gospel. We left and said that we would definitely be passing back by. At the visitor's center, we picked up one in Laotian with the intention of going back at some point. Saturday and another appointment was moved to Sunday, so we decided to head out to our Laotian friend! We went to his house and he was there and welcomed us in. We visited and he talked about his love for hot dogs and corn on the cob and then we were able to introduce him to the Book of Mormon. He told us that he was waiting for his passport so that he could go back to Laos with his wife who is ill, but that he would read the book. We have a rendez-vous set up for Wednesday and the miracle of it is that had we passed on Sunday, we would not have seen him as he went to Disneyland. I have a very good feeling about this man and hope that we can see him before he heads out to Laos.

Miracles struck again on Sunday morning as we were packing up to head to church. we were already feeling good as Yue was coming to church. I received a text that said "hello Sister Pobst and Sister Turney, I would like to come to church today. She needed directions. The text it was from Natalie, whom we had met on the bus! Sadly, her father passed away this last Wednesday and she said that she opened the Book of Mormon and wanted to come to church with us. I told her how to get to church. She was having a pretty rough time, completely understandable. We have a rendez-vous with her this Thursday at the visitor's center that is going to be awesome.

We met with Yue and taught the law of chastity She told us "I have been living that my whole life, not really knowing why. Now I am going to keep living it since I know it is a commandment from Heavenly Father." She also hadn't realized that she went a whole week and a half not drinking coffee and realized that she doesn't really need it in her life. I just want her to get baptized soooooo bad! We have talked about it, she is already changing so much. We went over the questions and she said that she has a testimony of all of those things and is willing to live all of the we will just see.

Here is to another great week of miracles here in Evry! I hope everyone is doing well and having a love filled day! Because Soeur Pobst love you!


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Chinese New Years celebration

Effiel Tower with Soeur Turney

P-Day at the Effiel Tower

remember france

Dear family,

As we all know, I am in my last month of being a missionary. Last transfer, a dear friend of mine who went home was in her interview with president and asked what she should be doing with her last transfer. His answer was, "you do what you need so to remember France." I really liked that. We were making transfer goals, one of mine was "remember France." That doesn't mean that I am going to go around and be touristy and stop doing missionary work; quite on the contrary. I will be going to different places in my area that I have never been to and p-days are going to be packed full of different activities. I just love this country so much more that I think I would if I had just come to visit. It is that I have lived here and gotten to know that people and talked with them and worked with them and shared this glorious gospel with them. I truly, love france. I am so excited that I have 6 more weeks here to do this work and do what I need to to remember France.

Last Monday we went to a missionary gathering at the Eiffel tower and drank champomey [like martinelli's, except a million times better]. It was fun spending the afternoon with all these missionaries that I have come to serve with and appreciate. Soeur Turney and I also took some sweet Eiffel tower photos:) I also found a schnazzy black coat on soldes, now I just need a sassy French dress :)

Soeur Turney packed and our goodbye was tough, but we both know that this is how it is supposed to go. My new companion, Soeur Edgerly is from Maryland and actually replaced me in Valenciennces. Fun to reminisce. She was also trained by Soeur Kohler, so she pretty much knows everything there is to know about missionary work. We went to the visitor's center and English class and have since been doing transfer planning and getting things set up for our transfer.

Saturday we went to this party for the Chinese new year in Paris with Yue and Sufang. both were super excited to go and to see other Chinese people. It was great. Of course the food was awesome. I was told that sisters can go on as many missions as they want. If China opens within the next 3 years, I might be tempted to re-submit papers so that I could go there. It was a great night and I was so glad that Yue and Sufang had a good time hanging out with the Chinese members :)

I hope you all have a great week! Next week's email will be long because we have TONS going on this week!

love you all!


Planner Cover

Eating Gauffre's in Liege

Soeur Turney making crepes

nothing compares to a liège gauffre...

Janurary 31, 2011

Dear family,

This week was quite the week for us...we were very busy!

We went and saw Ngwang and Ani, however Ngwang wasn't there and another friend of their's was. He understands English perfectly and didn't superly appreciate that we were there teaching them about Christianity. It is very hard with the language barrier and we aren't sure if they actually want to learn from us.

We went on exchanges to Liège. It was on that exchange that I truly became grateful that I will not serve in Belgium as I am pretty sure I would gain about 20 kilos...the gauffres and chocolate is to DIE for! I stocked up on some Belge chocolate to share with you all. We were exchanging with Soeur England and soeur Williams and it was fun. Soeur Williams and I went to see a member of the ward who is blind and we read her a conference talk and I hemmed her dress. She told me that I have a beautiful voice:) It was fun to see Soeur England again and we just talked about our missions and our parents’ trips to come and get us. It was a very good exchange :)

Our rendezvous with Nicole did not turn out how I thought it would. We took a member named Marianne with us who is amazing. We talked with Nicole about how she felt since she has stopped seeing the missionaries. She said that she feels a comfortable void in her life, is missing the mental sharpness that she felt when she met with the missionaries. We talked about the Spirit and how the Spirit speaks to each of us and it was going really good. Marianne asked her three really good questions.
what she would do if she received an answer that the church was true? If she was ready to change her life? If she would be willing to come to church in Evry every Sunday and hold a calling? We told her that she wouldn't receive an answer unless she was willing to do those things and the rendezvous just kinda ended on that note. When we left the rendezvous we met this lady on the bus named Natalie who was super excited to meet us and we gave her a book of Mormon. She said that she would come to church...but she didn't. hopefully this next week!

Saturday...oh Saturday...the day of the transfer email, when we found out that I would not spend my last transfer with Soeur Turney :( She is going to Liège to be with Soeur England and Soeur Williams and then next transfer, when soeur England goes home it will just be the 2 of them! I know that she will do great. My new companion is Soeur Edgerly, who was trained in Valenciennes by Soeur Kohler! she is pretty excited to come down and be in a Paris area. I am excited to serve with her, but sad that Soeur Turney is going all the way up to Belgium! She did make me an amazing planner cover for my last transfer [every transfer I decorate my planners so that they stay in shape and aren't boring.]
We taught Yue. We decided to teach the word of wisdom and I got nervous. She would drink coffee to help her stay awake to study. We went over and taught it, no problems. she understood it and agreed with it. She asked our feelings on energy drinks. I didn't know what to say and so I pondered for a moment and said that I felt comfortable in saying that they were against the word of wisdom. I am going to ask president about that one...she said the closing prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help her live the word of wisdom and that when she feels like she wants to drink coffee, to take the temptation away :) This upcoming weekend is going to be a Yue weekend. We are teaching her before a ward activity on Friday and then on Saturday going to Paris for the Paris ward Chinese new year party! SOOOOOO excited for that!

Today we are headed to the Eiffel tower for a champomy Eiffel tower party with a sister who is going home on Wednesday. I will miss her and Soeur Gifford [also headed home on Wednesday] SOOOOOOOO much!

peace and love!