Saturday, 17 April 2010

April 5, 2010 Happy Easter

Dear Family!

Hh man! CONFERENCE WAS GREAT! the English room was rockin' all the elders brought candy and drinks and we arranged a little lunch party between Saturday night and Sunday morning. I made a pizookie that was amazing and gone pretty quickly. It is hard to pick a favorite. When Elder Holland went up, the elder next to me said, "now he's going to yell at us." then when I realized his subject was pornography, I said "yep, he is going to yell at you."

The family was hit so hard this conference! It was so good though, having Belinda and Kai there listening to those talks! Elder Packer's talk was so good for him since he will soon be a priesthood holder.

President Monson's beginning was so funny. The English/missionary room was CRACKING up. I let Belinda and Kai borrow the Thomas S. Monson movie and they really liked watching it before conference.

Kai is solid, they came to 2 sessions and he went to priesthood session and took notes! It was so good.

We do a lot of finding, find people, and then they aren't interested. I don't have a ton to update you on. we had a good rendez-vous with a girl who seems pretty interested, but she said she's busy until May. We also met another girl, Kelly, who is good. We met with her and she was supposed to come to conference, but ended up going away for the weekend. She is agnostic, she believes a lot in energies and feng-shui [that decorating thing]. I pointed out the Spirit in the rendez-vous and she said that she liked it.

Soeur Kohler received a great gift this week. A woman, probably late 40's that comes to English class. she is from Vietnam and is always blinged out, but it's the cheap stuff. We didn't go to English class because we had a rendez-vous, but the elders did. We got a call and one of the elders was crying from laughing so hard. Turns out, this woman, had brought Soeur Kohler some lacey light blue lingerie and it is just ridiculous. I can't wait to see it.

A lot of times we meet people who don't speak English or French. I was hoping that you could get everyone we know that know another language to write
1. who I am as a missionary and
2. their testimony and send them to me? that would be great!

love you all!
Happy Easter!

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  1. Sister Pobst!
    I was sitting here going through a pile a "hud" and out spilled the letter you sent at Christmas! I am the worst correspondant in the world!!!! I'm sorry. Anyway, needless to say, there I was looking at the envelope and cursing myself when it occcured to me. She has a blog (I think) which fortunately googles up very nicely! Hooray!!! So I wanted to send you a quick note. First off you sound amazing and incredible and I am completely jealous of your adventures in France. I'm sure you already know this, but aren't missions amazing and in more ways than you ever thought possible? I am so glad for you to have this experience. I was looking at your photos and reading your blog and it totally brings back my own mission memories. Heavenly Father is pretty good to us to let us serve missions isn't He? Anyway, I really am terrible at writing. But know that I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Love ya girlie! Marci Cooper