Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May 3, 2010

Dear Family
Mom, you wanted to know transfer dates. May 26 is the next transfer AND MY NINE MONTH MARK!!!!! What kind of craziness is this!?!?
This week was good. There was a lot of frudging and finding, but there were a couple milestone things.

So Xavier came to FHE on Monday night and he enjoyed it. mM favorite was when they started talking about the word of wisdom and he had this look on his face like "yeah, that makes sense to not drink or smoke." On Thursday he came to institute and was sitting by elder Perez [Soeur Curran was by Jeannine and her sister and I was teaching English class] and there was a scripture and they briefly mentioned the law of chastity. He turned to Elder Perez and asked him what that was. Elder Perez briefly explained and Xavier was like "well, I'm out, I've already broken that!" Elder Perez told him he could repent and be baptized still and he was like "oh, that sounds good." after institute there was talk of a baptism because this guy was getting baptized and he asked Soeur Curran if he could see the font, so we showed it to him. We had to leave after that to make it home on time, but Xavier stayed and told Elder Perez that he needs to get baptized. We have such a good lesson planned! He was supposed to come to the baptism on Saturday, but his random aunt came into France on the one day that public transit doesn't work and she got stranded on the border of Belgium, Xavier had to find someway to go get her :( hopefully some way good news next week! No, there will be way good news next week!

I can't remember if I told you that we thought Jeannine had a word of wisdom problem, turns out she drinks like 7 cups of coffee a day and possibly smokes. But, she is so excited about the church that I know it will all work out. She was committed to start living the word of wisdom by Soeur Curran and Soeur Carson [I was on an exchange with Soeur Christensen] and I hear it was a really really good lesson. I'm pretty sure she's coming to FHE tonight with her cousin or neighbor or someone. Not quite sure. But she is coming and hopefully we will be able to see her soon!

My hair is getting long and up here in the north it gets kinda curly, more so lately.

Kai and Belinda are still going strong. We are going to work on the sacrament prayer with Kai in French. I can't wait for them to go to Tonga and church there so they won't have missionaries translating for them.

Highlight of the week: letters from the Ritz kids.
Cheese of the week: double crème.

Love and miss you all!
camille, the happy missionary in France.

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