Monday, 24 August 2009

it's the night before my mission and I'm...

I started packing at about 5 and I am now finished...atleast I think I am...
I'm also thinking about some important things
last week when I was in california, I heard the fray's cover of kanye west's "heartless." not particularly sure how I feel about that...I love kanye, and I love "heartless." I usually am not a huge fray fan, but I like the sound of the cover. but still not entirely sure how I feel about it, you decide.
but mainly, I've been thinking about how I'm going to miss all these people.
the parentals, always there helping me along my way, going out at 8 to get me a new suitcase and requesting that the opening hymn of my farewell be "The Spirit of God" my favorite:)
the brother and sister-in-law, always letting me come and stay in their place and take their bikes out for my relaxing bike rides. they also introduced me to cherry on top and gave me my favorite nephew :)
the sister and brother-in-law, always coming up with good ideas of activities to do. my sister almost always figures out gifts for our parents on different holidays and lets the rest of us share the credit. they also help the niece remember the silly stuff I teach her :)
the brother, always walking around flexing and showing his muscles. even though the only time he'll go out with me is when I'm paying, I'm still going to miss the occasional brother/sister chats we have and can't wait to have our few months time between my mission and his.
the niece, so cute, so precious, so smart. sometimes I think she might be smarter than me when I get back;) she'll be so grown up and big and turning into a little lady! I know she'll grow up great, her parents are wonderful! oh I can't wait!
the nephew, I've only known for almost three weeks will be walking and talking and hopefully longboarding when I get back! most likely not on the longboarding, but definitely on the first two! he'll grow into such a fun kid because he's got two way fun parents! I can't wait to see him!
even though I'll miss my family, I know that this is right and that it will be wonderful:)
so, peace out blogspot. until next week, when you hear about my life as soeur pobst!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

so, sometimes I can be a brat

tonight I was at institute and I saw a buddy that I hadn't talked to in a while. whilst talking to said buddy, we were discussing purple grapes vs. green grapes, this random kid walks up to me and asks my name. I was a bit annoyed, earlier in the night this boy insulted my favorite zac efron, and now he was interrupting this conversation without engaging my friend to find out my name? so, being the brat I am, I turned to him and said, "it's I'm going on a mission in two weeks, what's your's?" he just kinda looked at me for a second and my friend started asking me if I was excited and our conversation resumed and the interrupting fiend vanished.
I may be rude, but I feel that this kid was even more rude. yes, most boys [like 99.9%] don't like zac efron. they be hatin' on his beautiful smile. anyway, when someone is talking about how much they love something, the topic was 17 again, I feel it's rude to say how much you hate it. I also think it's rude to interrupt a conversation and not even acknowledge the other person! so rude!
anyway, the moral of the story is, zac efron is amazing...someday, we'll chill and drink fiji water.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

the event count down

all summer I've used 2 methods to gauge how long until I leave on my mission; the actual number of days and different events. I'd like to take you back to the beginning of the events.
may 29, 2009 received the call
may 31-june 4 2009 family vacation to nauvoo
june 12-15 2009 california trip
july 9-13 2009 allie's visit
july 12-22 2009 allison & family visit
august 8, 2009 11:31 am
yesterday, my brother and his wife welcomed this adorable baby into their family. he is so precious and the final event before I leave. on friday my family is going to go meet him and I can't wait :)
stay tuned for august 14-19 2009