Monday, 16 November 2009

November 15 Week 4

Dear famille,
This week had a lot of ups, downs, and giggles.
On Saturday we always play soccer with the elders, investigators, and members from the ward. There is an elder from Switzerland and he is really good. It is always my dream to steal the ball from him and this week I DID! He wasn't very happy about it, but I was.
This week I had a lot of appointments.We’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from women in the ward who want us to come teach them because they feel they have lost their moral. The relief society gave out new visiting teaching assignments last week, HOPEFULLY that helps.
We decided that we needed to increase our contacting pool and so we set last Thursday as our strictly contacting day. We went to a lot of little towns and just contacting. We set 3 rendezvous and got a bunch of numbers. Sadly, thus far nothing has panned out. However, we have one later today that we still believe in.
Zeinabe, our ami from cote d'ivoire is progressing nicely. We probably could have extended a baptismal commitment on Sunday, but we didn't so we hope to this week. She has come to church twice and is reading the book of Mormon. She has read up to first Nephi 13 on her own without us telling her to.
Something kind of interesting, the only mail I have received thus far that isn't from you mom has been from random elders still at the mtc...kind of weird, but getting mail is cool.
Soeur Roberts and I are still growing closer and getting along great. There is so much I need to learn from her! So glad that we will probably still be together next transfer!
I can't think of anything else, except that the power of covenants is pretty much my favorite talk ever.
keep livin', learnin' lovin'!


Questions we asked and Camille answer this week:
How much money do you get from the mission? Does it seemto be enough?

I get 163 euros. it seems to be ok, this month is tough to say because there was Paris day at the beginning of the transfer and this night at KFC. 163 seems good for pretty much food and postage. if I ever want to print pictures or get any souvenirs it has to be my own money.

How is your branch or ward?

I think it's good but the missionaries always talk about problems with integration of their new members and the members. Lots of lonely women .A good ward none the less.

I am taking it from your letters that you walk and use public transportation?

yeah, we walk and take trains a lot. we have a car that we use if we need to get somewhere fast or far away. but mainly walking and trains.

What time do you get up?

waking up at 6:30 mainly. but on Christmas I get to sleep in!

So what about the great French pastries? Have you had some yet? Do they
have any specialty drinks other than wine or soda?

they drink a lot of orange soda and coke. French pastries, I like pain au chocolate and this baguette with chocolate chips in it.

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