Monday, 16 November 2009

November 9th Starting Week 3

November 9th

Wow, it feels like I have been here a year, not three weeks.
This last week we had high hopes and they got crushed. Well, squashed because we did get an amis in progress! Her name is Zeinabe and we had a rendezvous with her and she came to sacrament.

Wednesday last week we were on the metro and it wasn't a particularly cheerful day and the aisle over was a little boy the same age as Emily. While I sat there thinking, I just want to see Emily, Soeur Roberts had started contacting someone and it was going really well! We set a rendezvous, however, she wouldn't answer our calls and when the time came it didn't happen. It’s a rough lesson, learning that someone can be a miracle and a heartbreak. However, we are recharged for this week.
Yesterday we went to contact a referral that had requested a book of Mormon from the website. When we found her, she hadn't requested it. She talked with Soeur Roberts and accepted the Book of Mormon. When Soeur Roberts was in the bathroom, I asked her how she knew the Catholic Church was the church of God. I wanted her to know I had read the book of Mormon and prayed and received a witness of the Holy Spirit. Before we left I asked her if we could fix a rendezvous and she gave us her number. Soeur Roberts said that she thought we were being shot down, but I have faith
If someone can tell me what this scriptures means, they will get something really cool from France§ acts 13:15
We had zone conference this week and it was the best! Loved it! I was talking with Soeur Gifford and Elder Rueckert, they were in the mtc with me. Elder Rueckert is having a harder time than me; he comes from a huge family and has never been away from them :( it hurts my heart to see my new brother so sad. Anyway, when we were talking this more experienced missionary came over to us and asked what our first thought of the mission was. I said, "Honestly? It was, this is really hard." He and Soeur Gifford looked at me like I was crazy and Elder Rueckert just smiled. In all honesty family, I think that a lot. However, it is missionary lifestyle that I think is hard, not missionary work. I LOVE missionary work! It is the best!
Peace and love family! Here’s to another great week of missionary work!
Soeur Pobst

Questions I asked Camille and her answers:

How is the weather?
The weather is cold! Tonight we are going to get my boots and coat so that should make things better. Plus some good tights. It was really rainy and drizzly today.

How many sister missionaries are in your mission? 16.

The food? We cook for ourselves, so pretty much typical college student type foods.
Do the American missionaries get together and celebrate Thanksgiving or is
it a work day? Thanksgiving this year is different than last year. Last year the missionaries in Versailles came to the mission home, but not this year. I think the missionaries are getting together and doing something, or the Simmons will probably invite us or another member who lived in America for a bit.
Have you received the cards I sent regular mail and long did it to be delivered?4 days

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