Monday, 2 November 2009

Last MTC October 23

Cher famille,
This week has been crazy! I can only think of one awesome spiritual experience this bear with me.
I'll start with that, since it's pretty much the best. On Sunday Soeur Gifford and I were in the Referral Center. That is what people call when they call the commercials or get on chat. We had an appointment with our investigator that has an addiction at 3. However, at about 2:50 I got a phone call. It was a woman and she was calling for a finding faith in Christ DVD. I asked her what lead her to the church and she said she had seen a commercial. She said she was looking for God's true church. I tried to talk her into getting a book of Mormon and she said if she liked the DVD she would. However, somehow we ended up talking for 45 minutes and I taught her the first 3 lessons! It was insane and we started building a friendship. She agreed to attend church on Sunday and I told her I would call her on Sunday to see how she liked it. I also had the brilliant idea to send her a book of Mormon with my testimony in it, but I want to ask her first so I plan on calling her today after the temple. It was just awesome and built my testimony of the importance of planning.

This week soeur Gifford had a check up appointment with her doctor. When I was in the waiting room I was talking with this couple and they said their daughter had just put papers in. they asked how I decided to come on a mission and I started my story and the mom was like "aren't you afraid all the good guys will be gone by the time you get home?" I just kind of looked at her like "are you crazy?"

Yesterday, Soeurs Gifford, Lavaka, and I attended the "enhancement" class. Basically, we went in a room and Mary Kay type people put make up on us. I don't wear make up in the mtc except for temple day and Sunday and the lady asked me why. I told her I didn't feel like it. She asked if I would wear it in the field and I said "oh yeah, I'm going to Paris. if I was going to South America or something, probably not." After my make over she gave us this huge talk on how the apostles have asked that sister missionaries always wear make up and what not. If we don't wear make up, we aren't respecting our temples. Pretty interesting...

One day at lunch, I decided to eat an orange crème sicle on account of my nausea from tama flu [explain in a bit]. So I put the orange crème sicle in my mouth and all of the sudden it is completely stuck on my mouth and tongue. Total Christmas story. I had to rip it out of my mouth and it caused my lip to bleed. Don’t worry, I took a picture.

Last Monday,Elder Easton, he's in my district [class] headed to Paris same day as me, was feeling sick. The next day he was quarantined with flu like symptoms and the whole district had to take tama flu which makes us all feel terrible. It’s pretty much the worst. Luckily, he's all better now and able to leave with us on Monday.

Bang-fang is actually a teacher named Frere [brother] Garrett. He is what is called a progressing investigator that we teach as much as we can and he acts like an investigator he taught on his mission. He had his baptismal interview on Thursday and he passed! Soeur Gifford and I are giving the talks at his baptism on Monday. He was sad when we told him we were being transferred. Soeur Gifford is really sad to leave him. I'm ok with it; on account of he is fake. Progressing investigators are so much better than the TRC, where different people from Provo can come in and pretend to be investigators. It’s bad because they always are completely ridiculous in the things they say and do. We have another named emmiliene, she wasn't progressing well. However, we took her to a young single adult activity on Monday that she loved and she said she would start taking the lessons seriously! Ah man! RIGHT WHEN WE LEAVE! Can you believe it?

Alright, gonna get sappy, but I love all my elders in my district and the other one that came in the same day as me. I am going to miss them so much! I feel like they are all my brothers and wonderful people! I'm going to miss them, I know they will be great!
Love always,
Soeur Camille

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  1. Hai Girl how re u doing i miss you.Hope u re enjoying your mission
    Agness Daka