Monday, 7 December 2009

November 28

Cher famille,
There was a slight miracle this week. I don't know if I mentioned it, but a couple of weeks ago Soeur Roberts and I went contacting in this random little area. We were walking in this neighborhood and there was a lady putting Christmas stuff up. We started talking to her and asked if she was Christian. She said she doesn't believe in God because of all the death in her family and that she has a disease that sounds a lot like ALS to me. Anyway, she told us to get lost and good luck in France. You can imagine how enthusiastic Soeur Roberts was when I told her I wanted to go back. After weeks she finally gave in and told me that we could go back. So, on Tuesday, we went back. We rang her doorbell and she came out. Soeur Roberts asked if she remembered us. She did. We were so nervous; this is exactly what soeur Roberts said. "We were sent to you and we have a message for you. If you have the courage to listen to us this message is for you." We scheduled an appointment for the next day. Sadly, she wasn't home when we went. We decided to go back today and we caught her on her way out. She said that she was sorry she wasn't home that one day, she had been called into work. We got her phone number to call and schedule another rendezvous. Pretty excited about that! Pray for Martine!

Sadly, Zeinabe has fallen off the map. She didn't come to church last week and we keep leaving her messages. Hopefully she will turn back up.

On Monday I feel like we kinda had a break through with a less active. She has a hard time understanding the scriptures, so we gave her a preach my gospel. We assigned her a section to study this week and she seemed really excited about. Hopefully she will come to church, she said she would try!

Thanksgiving....oh goodness. Never have I missed my American Thanksgivings more. We did pot luck with our zone and Soeur Roberts and I were assigned pies. I make two sort of mistakes with the mousse. I accidentally bought the French version of sour cream for the heavy cream. It isn't sour, but the whipped cream didn't form like it should have. I knew we had chocolate at our apartment so I didn't buy any and it turned out to be hazelnut chocolate, so my pie had sort of a tangy taste. I made my graham cracker crust, but dropped it on the way, so I used more butter to reform it and rebake it which kind of made it crispy. Elders loved it. My soupy, tangy, crispy pie. The sisters didn't really like it. We played football and then ate cold chicken, potatoes, and stuffing. Luckily Soeur Roberts and I got lunch before.

My French; I can understand most conversations and lessons. I definitely need to speak it more. If I don't really think about it, I can speak it fairly well. Pretty interesting.

So there is a joke that I am going to be asked to learn Chinese after this next transfer. I put one of my goals was to live in China and in my first interview with president he said, "so, you want to live in china." now one of the assistants is always like " We need Chinese speaking sisters and Soeur Pobst is going to head that up!"

On to the bishop! All day I just would randomly say "whoa, my dad is going to be a bishop!"

Dad, I got a little Book of Mormon, the ones for the people in the military and plan on reading it six times before I leave the mission, highlighting different things each time. this time it's anything about the Holy Ghost.

Hope all is great family! Love and miss you all!
Soeur Camille

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