Monday, 7 December 2009

December 4

Dec 4


This week had some really GREAT moments!

Monday with Alida was good! She really liked the preach my gospel study and we were there when her daughter was napping so no interruptions! We hope she will start coming to church soon!

Tuesday we went to an appointment with Valerie a recent convert. We watched Joy to the World...not a particular favorite of Soeur Roberts and me now. I much prefer Luke 2 and was wondering if you could get that to me somehow? I wished I had known before you sent my package. We went to missionary choir and that was pretty much our whole day. Oh, not to forget we locked ourselves out of our apartment, that was great fun.

Wednesday we met with Colette a recent convert. She has two sons and a husband that joined the church before her. She is probably the strongest recent converts. She studies the gospel everyday and is always at church with her family. Such a great family! We met with our friends the TJ's again and they taught us this time. We decided that next week we are teaching the restoration and if they don’t want to learn more where we are just the teachers we are done teaching them. We also met with a family that is pretty less active, the mom is pretty active but not the daughter’s ages 13 and 17. We are going to continue meeting with them in hopes of helping the daughters and we plan on inviting the young women’s president to go with us.

THURSDAY was the BEST day EVER. We had exchanges where 2 sisters came in and stayed with us. We were supposed to separate, but we pretty much stayed together. Soeur Roberts and I wanted to go to Martine’s together. Martine’s was very interesting. At first she was really hard, demanding to know why bad stuff and we would start to explain and she would shake her head and go off on a tangent. Then she would be really nice like our friends. There were definite moments when I could tell she was feeling the Spirit, but she would shake it off. It is interesting, when we are teaching people, when they feel the Spirit, they either embrace it or they physically shake, their head not their whole body, and get all hard. She did the shake a lot. She said that she felt she had learned enough, but we know she hasn't. We are going to stay in contact with her. After that, we went to Marta’s because we cancelled her on Wednesday due to overbooking.

I didn't tell you about this experience because it didn't pan out, but a couple of weeks ago we went to Marta’s and her son's girlfriend was there. Soeur Roberts said that sometimes she'll be there but she never sits in on lessons. However, on this day she did and she was a little interested and we set up another rendezvous, but she wasn't there. However, on Thursday night she was and the lesson we had planned was the gospel of Jesus Christ [faith, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and persevering.] Each of us took a part and I had persevering. The lesson was wonderful and she was so into it and embracing the Spirit. When Soeur Lund was talking about the gift of the Holy Ghost the thought came in my head "you need to extend a baptismal commitment." I brushed it away, thinking I was just being over-zealous, but it came back and I realized I was being told that, I wasn't thinking it. When it was my turn I said a bit about persevering, but then I asked her if she wanted the gift of the Holy Ghost? She said yes. I told her we wanted to teach her more and said "after you receive a witness from the Holy Ghost that this is true, will you get baptized?" she said yes. Oh man, the Spirit was so strong in the moment, the strongest in my life. That was easily, the best moment of my mission.

Today we are in Paris, just chilling' and taking pictures. We also find out about transfers today and I have this feeling that I may leave Versailles. If anyone sends me letters this week, send them to Le Vesinet. Also, take the Versailles address off of things and put Le Vesinet. It is only one day to mail from Le Vesinet to other places in France. The joke for transfers is that I'm going to Paris and asked to speak Chinese.

Glad to hear that phoenix is getting the temple! Still don't know who dad's counselors are. When do you get released?

I can't think of anything else, this week I've been studying the Sermon on the Mount and that chapter in Jesus the Christ, and very good stuff. My goal for the rest of my life is to be a peacemaker.

Soeur Roberts and I got a Christmas tree. It’s the best.

Love and miss you all! Depending on transfers you may hear from me next Monday, but let's hope I stay in Versailles! There are so many things that I want to see through!

Soeur Camille

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