Sunday, 29 August 2010

September 7th will be the best for many reasons

August 21,2010
Hey everyone!

So I will start by telling you about my last p-day in Paris. Soeur England and I were in the apartment when the other sister missionaries invited us out for hot chocolate. It was a very raining day and a tempting offer! We ended up at Angelina’s, this pretty fancy French restaurant with the BEST hot chocolate in the world. It was a wonderful time. After we went to meet Soeur Bellini and Pearce. Soeur Bellini wanted to go to this creperie that ended up being closed so we ended up back at Angelina’s with MORE hot chocolate and French food. Such a good p-day :)

My train ride up to Valenciennes was good and it was fun to get off the train to see Soeur Kohler. However, my bags got a little beat up transferring from the train to the car. My new home is a big apartment with so much space. It is kinda weird being back in a 2 man, oh how I love it. We went out contacting that night and met this woman named Crocetta who had this house that was built in 1903, which is pretty new in France, with the BIGGEST backyard I had ever seen. Perfect place for a wedding reception. Anyways, we talked to her a bit about the gospel, she was kinda interested, but not interested enough to set an appointment. We are planning on swinging back by this week and saying hello again.

We have a bunch of different Amis, we have Sylvain with a baptismal date in 3 weeks. He found the church through his girlfriend in Peru. Soeur Kohler said it has been interesting to watch the changes in him. she met him forever ago when he contacted the sisters in Lille, He actually lives in Valenciennes and so now she is teaching him.

On Friday I started learning how to drive stick shift! We have a car for part of the time and Soeur Kohler is teaching me how to drive it. I do pretty well changing gears while I'm driving, I just have a hard time getting the car going.

Let me give you a run down of the next couple of weeks.
August 31 is zone conference in Paris :)
September 3 is sister exchanges where all the sisters are going to the mission home. It is something that Soeur Staheli has been wanting to do since the merge and it is now finally happening.
September 7 we are going up to Brussels for a special mission conference with ELDER BALLARD! I am so excited to see Elder Ballard, I have wanted to see an apostle in the field since I got here and now I get to see one! SO excited!
Then that weekend we have stake conference and Elder Causée will be there. I think it will be fun to hear him speak now that I can understand French. He would speak all the time when I was in Versailles at Christmas, but I had no idea what he was saying.

This week I have to go to Lille for legality and Soeur Kohler and I are going to swing by Kai and Belinda’s and see them! I'm so excited to see them, it feels like forever ago!

This week is my year mark...oh golly, that makes me feel OLD. I remember when all these other companions hit it and now it's me...just craziness.

Love and miss you all! Pictures next week!


p.s. quick ankle update, I am running! the ankle is doing well!

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