Friday, 6 August 2010

Happy Eleven Months

July 26,2010

Dear ,Family,

HAPPY ELEVEN MONTH MARK! I look at that number and I think, "there is no way I could have been out that long!" I realize, well, this is your 5th companion, your 3rd area, and your 7th transfer. You are tired as all else and don't have to concentrate that hard to understand what people are saying to you and you can talk back without really thinking. Just insane that in a month it will have been a year since grandma dropped me off at the mtc and I put on my badge and started calling myself Soeur Pobst. Just crazy...

The most eventful event happened on Tuesday. I woke up and hobbled to the shower like normal. When I came out of the shower I looked at my ankle and it was black and HUGE! We decided it was probably best to not walk on it and to call Soeur Staheli. She suggested the hospital, so we headed off to the American
hospital of Paris.

We get the x-ray and there is nothing broken. It was lots of laughs between Soeur England and I at the fact that hardly anyone spoke english at the American hospital and we felt bad for all the Americans on vacation that end up there for one reason or another and can't really talk to anyone but the actual doctor. I have been on bed rest for a week and will probably be there the rest of this week. The ankle is not looking much better, even with all the rest and ice and ibuprofen. Later this week we are going on an exchange with the sisters about a half an hour away from us because one of them is having oral surgery. I'm going to go rest with her and let our companions go out and work.

I finished the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time on the mission, a bit late, but better late than never.

Hope you are all doing well, love you and miss you!


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