Sunday, 15 August 2010

On top of the Eiffel Tower

August 9, 2010

Dear family,

This week was fun!

We were on exchanges for what felt like most of the week, we did them in
Caen which is by Normandy. We exchanged on Tuesdays and I got to spend four hours on a train. I was with Soeur Barros who is in her second transfer. It was so weird to me, being way older than someone in the mission. Up until this transfer I always had companions older than me and this transfer I'm barely older than Soeur England. It was fun to hear her concerns and remember when they were mine and tell her that yes, eventually people do start speaking to you in French :)

On Wednesday Soeur Barros and I taught Nicole, a woman who was a reference from temple square. The sisters had taught her when I was in Nogent with Soeur Flood and we were teaching her the second time. They had initially taught her the plan of salvation and we were going to teach her the restoration. She talked about how she just wants to re-find God and her faith and we connected that to Joseph Smith and answered some questions she had after reading the plan of salvation pamphlet. She didn't come to church and she left for
Ireland today, she comes back in a week. I'm really excited about teaching her!

On Thursday Soeur
England came back and that night we had a rendez-vous with some less active sisters. They frudged us and while we were walking back to the metro we passed a man and his wife and baby. They said "Soeur Visiteurs," which is visiting teachers in French. I stopped and started talking to them and asked them if they were believing and they said yes. I told them that we talk to people about Jesus Christ and how His teachings can bless families and asked if we could see them again. They said we could same time this next week. I feel an Xavier coming on...except with a Musslim family.

On Saturday we took most of our p-day so Soeur
England could see the Versailles Chateau. Sadly, the gardens were 8 euros to see and we opted out. We also rushed over to the Eiffel tower in the morning and went up to the top. The elevator ride up was full of anxiety, but it was really cool to see the top of Paris. I took a the video and had the senior couple upload it to my blog. Soeur England and I are teaching the lesson on Sunday for amis class on prophets and hope to share part of the Thomas S. Monson movie.

Love you all! have a great week!


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