Sunday, 4 July 2010

Who knew I loved Cherries

June 28, 2010


So a bit ago someone brought a bunch of cherries to FHE and I ate them. I loved them. First time in my life I've eaten cherries.

Another fun fact, after 12 weeks together it has been discovered that Soeur Curran read those star wars books that I read. We are so alike it is getting a bit ridiculous.

Now for the countdown.

5. We went to Dunkerque this week, a small town on the coast, which means there is a beach there. First we contacted and attempted to do a pass by, but we got really lost because we had a terrible map and no idea about the city. The best part was going to the beach. No, I didn't go in the water. Yes, I walked in the sand and loved every minute of it.

4. Samedi sports. I played SO good this week, I was unstoppable...until I tripped on the ball and rolled my ankle. I was stealing it from an elder and I rolled my ankle on it. We immediately went home and started icing it with frozen spinach and have been taking it easier since. We don't do a ton of extra walking, which I felt terrible about When I went on a split with Hannah, {Birdie's friend} I had to drag her back to the metro station to sit because I'm not supposed to do extra walking and our rendez-vous was cancelled. The swelling has gone down a bit and it doesn't hurt as bad to walk. My calf is insanely tight though.

3. The Greve. Normally I don't like them because that means limited public transit. However, this time we got lucky. We went to see if the tram was working and all the sudden this guy started talking to us and said that he loves to talk with people about religion. We have a rendez-vous this Wednesday :)

2. LDS-Fest. Even though that acronym means nothing to French people, they still decided to use it as the title for this music festival/stake activity. Our ami Lokonda who came to church a couple weeks ago was supposed to come and didn't. However, Ibtissem, who we contacted at the plan of salvation a couple weeks ago came and enjoyed a lovely church tour given by myself, Soeur Curran, and Xavier. After the church tour, Ibtissem and Xavier talked in the hall for like an hour and then came in to enjoy the music. Xavier just talked to her about how great the gospel is and taught her the law of chastity. She told us that she could come to church yesterday, but then she didn't...we're hoping she comes to FHE tonight!

1. Xavier, always the number one in our lives. This week he led the DMP meeting and was a champ. He also gave a talk yesterday at church that was so good. It was about making choices and he was like "we're all baptized and we promised to keep the commandments, so let's keep them." He also quoted scriptures from his brand new triple combination that he LOVES. He even marked it a bit :)
The world cup; this last week Algeria played America and we received a call from the office that we were to not tell anyone that we were American that night and avoid Algerian areas. Porting during a game is either a terrible idea or a brilliant idea. We went during the Portugal/Brasil game and everyone told us they couldn't talk to us and to come back later. Hopefully at that later time they will want to hear the gospel :)

love you all!


p.s. Jolisa, if you read this, write me a letter!

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