Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It rained on my Bastille Day

July 19, 2010
Dear Family,
This week was Bastille Day, the independence day of France. We went to a parade that morning and it was POURING RAIN. Of course none of us thought to bring an umbrella and we were DRENCHED. We came home, got dry and ate pancakes. It was a good day for all :)

5. Translating sacrament meeting. If you ever think you have a grasp on a language, try doing translation. Most American tourists go to the other Paris ward because it is easier to find, but on Sunday we had an American couple and I undertook the task of translating...everyone in our ward is african and have really THICK african accents, totally different than the quick talkers of the north. However, in the end I think I did an ok job of it.

4. "No child left behind." Soeur England and I were looking through the ward list last week and noticed there are probably about 20 kids ages 8-27 not baptized. Our goal for this week is to visit each family and kinda figure out what's going on.

3. We went and visited Marie-Madeleine, our ami in the hospital. She is doing well and is so sweet. It feels like she is starting to connect to what we say. It is what she's learned her whole life. We hope to have a baptismal date with her before she leaves the hospital and heads out to cholet [way far away]. She is the sweetest lady I have ever met.

2. There is this little tiny visitor center in Paris called the exposition. We man it for 2 hours with another team of missionaries. One set stays in and the other goes out to find people. We hung out in there and a BUNCH of people just randomly came in. When I say a bunch I mean 4. That is a record. It was an eventful Thursday evening :)

1. P-day last week we went on a boat tour of the Seine and hung out with the sisters in Nogent and Versailles. It was great to see Soeur Gifford who is still in Versailles and shoot the breeze about the area. It was nice to be back and have a Paris p-day.


OH! France no longer forwards mail for free. My direct address is:
Soeur Camille Pobst
Les Missionnaires
52 Rue du Faubourg St.Antoine
75012 Paris

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