Sunday, 11 July 2010

Chosen to go..Paris

July 5, 2010

Dear Family,

Remember when I went on exchanges with Soeur Fischer-Laudenbach a couple transfers ago? She had a special mission and spent her whole mission in Paris Lilas. She is going home on Wednesday and all the sisters have been wondering who the "lucky" sister would be that got to go and fill her shoes. I am here to tell you, that it is me. I am going to go to Paris Lilas to replace Soeur Fischer-Laudenbach. I am a bit sad to be leaving
Lille, but I am way excited to be going to Paris Lilas [that is part of Paris, the north and east side. My new companion is Soeur England. I knew her in the MTC, she came in before I left and I am really excited to serve with her.

5. Do you all remember Jeanine from forever ago? She was progressing so well and then suddenly dropped off the planet? Well, she is back. I called her and fixed a rendez-vous for Thursday night...right after I leave. I am glad to leave the new companionship with a rendez-vous it will all be good. We always say, "Leave an area better than you find it." I hope Soeur Nielsen enjoys my precious Lille.

4. There are these patches that you can collect for cities in
France and when I left Versailles Soeur Bellini and I spent like 3 days looking for one. I found out there is a store at this castle called Mons St. Michel that carries all of the patches. At zone conference weeks ago, I asked these 2 elders if they happened to be there if they could get me one and last week I got a call from an elder telling me that they had gone and he had picked one up for me. That elder is also in my district this next transfer! So excited to get my patch!

3. Soeur Kohler had to come to
Lille to get her French legality and she ended up spending the night. It was really good to see her and remember how awesome she is. I have been really fortunate with companions, I always get the great ones. They are all so different, yet awesome.

2. There was a baptism and of course the sisters did a special musical number. I played "come thou fount" and the other sisters sang "O My Father in French of course. It sounded really good and everyone loved it.

1.5. So I forgot about 4th of JULY! All the missionaries went out to the Ahret’s place in
Belgium for a barbeque. It was a great time and a good end to 3 transfers.

1. When we taught Xavier we always taught him with Natacha and Noemi, who are sisters. They left on Friday to go to their home for vacation and we all went to their place for a mangez-vous [dinner appointment]. I am really glad I was able to be there with all these people that I love so much, who have definitely touched my life forever.

I can feel a lot of miracles coming this next
love you lots!

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  1. You're going to love serving in Paris Lilas (that's where I died). It's a completely unique area. You get the liveliness of the big city and the character of the banlieues. En plus the ward is super nice and mostly African! They love missionaries and take very good care of them and feed them non-stop. LOL
    I'm so jealous of you right now. Send my gros bisous to everyone! :-)
    -Isaac F