Sunday, 6 June 2010

Top Ten

May 31, 2010


One of the sisters gets an email from her brother every week detailing the top ten occurrences of his week. I think I will from now on format my emails like that.

10. Finding out that we are going to zone conference in Paris. Pretty much made my life that I get to go back to Paris for a day.

9. I got my hair cut today. It is pretty stinkin' cute. Shorter and more layered, no thinning razor this time. I don't have a picture of it yet because I feel disgusting today, don't feel much like taking a picture.

8. We set a rendez-vous with the Russian. We met her a couple weeks ago and we dropped by her place and we are seeing her on Wednesday. I am really excited to teach her because she is so cool and well, she is Russian.

7. Doing Japanese study with Soeur Curran. Does either of us speak Japanese? No. can we kinda read it a tiny bit now? You betcha. We were going to pass-by Yuta's place, we did and he wasn't home. We did some Japanese study during companionship study and probably will continue that this week. It is pretty fun.

6. Chillin' at the Gare eating chocolate chip pancakes. I think I have mentioned before that I now make dynamite pancakes. I basically make dynamite everything. Anyway, the zone leader was complaining about having to stay at the gare all day even though we had to chill with him, so we made a party out of it and ate some pancakes.

5. We had a really good rendez-vous with this lady named Dominique...however; we also found out that she doesn't live in our area so we have to pass her. But, it was a really good rendez-vous nonetheless.

4. I hemmed a pair of one of the elder’s pants and Soeur Curran and I decided it would be a good idea to take a picture in them wearing a paper mustache. They will go in his soeur book and he will freak out when he sees it. Haha, oh it will be funny.

3. I played the piano on Sunday in sacrament. When we were picking hymns for Xavier’s baptism he kept wanting us to sing “God Be With You Til We Meet Again.” We said heck no. I played that in sacrament meeting and Soeur Curran’s favorite hymn that never gets picked.

2. The nine-month mark party! Holy cow, 9 months déja! I can't believe it! It rained all day so I look terrible in the picture of me and my "half" of a pizza and champommey!

1. Xavier. Pretty much was fantastic this week. He started reading preach my gospel and has this desire to share the gospel, we hope that means references will start coming our way. He blessed the sacrament on Sunday, had a temple recommend interview and an interview for the Melchizedek priesthood. He also went to another recent converts for a painting service project. He is doing GREAT!

Love you all! I hope better things happen this week...we kind of got cancelled on....a lot a lot and we have both not been feeling well.

Keep being great!

Love you lots!


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