Sunday, 27 June 2010

Another monumental Week

June 21, 2010

Dear Family,

I will start with the world cup. It is fun, having 2 Europeans in the district that love the world cup. It is also a great contacting tool, asking people who will be playing that day. Nice easy way to start a conversation. I still can't believe Spain lost to Switzerland, Spain is supposed to be REALLY good.

5. Exchanges! I went on exchanges with Soeur Bellini in St. Ouen, which is the area right next to Versailles. We were able to sneak over there and see Jeanne. Oh how I love that woman, she is my favorite. It was also fun to hang out with Soeur Bellini and work with her again. It is crazy to me that she only has 2 transfers left after this one! She was at the same point I am when we were together! Just nuts!

4. We have this ami named Antoinette that we have been teaching for the past 2 transfers. She has been very slowly progressing. She finally 2 weeks ago prayed about if Joseph Smith was a prophet and had a dream that she was having a party at our church. We were so taken back by her response that we didn't really know what to say. This last week we saw her and I asked her what she thought her dream meant. She responded with "you're the ones sent from God, you tell me." She was supposed to come to church and she didn't...we get to have another DTR...those are so fun....

3. We met with Viktoryia on Sunday and they have some very interesting religious ideas. I love when people mix Buddhism with Christianity, definitely is very interesting. Sadly we don't get to see them again for 2 weeks :( well, to teach, we can still go over for English help.

2. The Lille elders had a baptism on Saturday of a gentleman named Charles. He is from Africa and has a wife and 2 kids who are probably like 12 and 10. The elders started teaching the family, but the wife said she wasn't interested. At the baptism we did the missionary moment and we talked about the restoration and I guess she was really touched and so was her daughter. They said they wanted to meet with us and so we are going to start teaching them. We are really excited about that.

1. Of course, is Xavier. On Saturday he went to the temple and he LOVED it! He even started doing genealogy all on his own! He is doing so good! AND Ben, the dmp/2nd counselor in the bishopric said that he wants Xavier to teach amis class next week! That is just INSANE to me! We are so excited though! The Ahrets went to Germany for a temple sealing on Saturday and I had Soeur Ahrets go to the distribution center and get a triple combination for Xavier. We added some ribbons to it and put some pictures in it. He has been bugging us for one since he got baptized and he doesn't know we got him one..

Well family and everyone, keep it real.


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  1. CAMILLE!!! I love reading your top 5, what a great way to break down the week and analyze the highlights. Why didn't I think of that? YAY for this Xavier man. How exciting. Does he have family? I am walking to the post office in about 5 min to send you a letter, hope you get it within about a month or so. I LOVE YOU! HAPPY 4th of JULY! When is France's independence? <3 Sarah