Saturday, 17 April 2010

March 29, 2010

Dear Family,

Another week came and flew by. I don't know if anyone besides me noticed, but I hit my 7 month mark! Holla!

Remember that one time when matt came home from his mission and in the car coming home from the airport he said, "do we have milk in the house?" I am starting to have the same sentiments...even though I am in a first world country, the milk here is terrible.

So, pretty said, Siva and Talei have decided to only speak with the tj's. It was a pretty tough hit, just feeling like everyone I have become emotionally invested in decides to use their agency in a not so good way...part of this mission I guess.

On the flipside, Kai is still doing great, his baptism is still going to happen on the 24th.

Probably the saddest experience contacting was this week. We went over to this garden park and there was a family with a little girl who was 16 months. When wee saw her, we could tell she had health problems, her face was a little mis-shaped and she had a tube coming out of her ear. I asked them what the significance of the family was for them. The dad said, “no we're atheists.” I said, “so atheists don't believe in the family?” He said, “I know where you are going, we're atheists and not interested.” The little girl was walking and as we walked away she ran after us and when her parents went to stop her she had the SADDEST look on her face.

We had exchanges this week and Soeur Christensen came up here. She is way cool, we had fun and it was good to be reunited with a Parisian. It is hard because in the apartment I don't know the sisters or elders that they talk about and they don't know who I am talking about, so it was nice to have someone. I hope a Parisian gets sent up here next transfer, which is the 14th. Transfer 5!!!

I am gaining 2 reputations here; one as a dynamite cook and the other as a killer at soccer. Both are being exaggerated. I made a cake for district lunch that Soeur Roberts gave me the recipe to and cookies for our activity today, another Soeur Roberts recipe. The soccer one is from this last samedi sports .A kid was coming towards me and he thought he could just plow through me. he came straight at me, so I turned to my side and he didn't know how to take the hit so he ended up rolling. By the time we left soccer I had "demolished" 2 missionaries. Oh how this is getting exaggerated.

Today we went to Vimy, a monument for WW1 for the French, English and Canadians. It was pretty cool.

Hope all is going well! love and miss you all!
Love camille

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