Sunday, 14 March 2010

March 8, 2010

Chère Famille,

You all now have a great fun Sunday activity because the p-day is back to Mondays! Hooray! All day I keep thinking it is Saturday, even though it is totally Monday.

A little bit about Versaille. I did not see Jess at all before I left and Soeur Bellini hasn't seen her either. Tuesday we taught Sylvie and committed her to baptism!

LILLE is just craziness! There is so much more going on and Soeur Kohler is a power house! She looks sort of like Sarah Jepson and the way she is with people reminds me of Sarah. This is her 6th transfer 3rd in Lille. Not going to lie, it was so hard when I first got here. It was just so different, the French is different, the way they do things was different and some of the people really weren't that excited to be merged. Plus it's hard coming into something where they all know each other. Now everything is good. We just get up and go out and work.

Last Friday soeur Kohler went into Paris for a merge of the missions meeting, so I went out with Soeur Nielsen who came into the mtc when I was leaving. I have such a testimony of the gift of tongues; I could understand everything. We met with these very French people that Soeur Kohler had contacted before I got here and I pretty much taught the whole thing and answered all of their questions. My French was flowing! After we went and taught Siva and Talei. They are from Fiji, he plays rugby here and they were a reference from Belinda who was baptized a week ago. They came here and started going to the Jehovah Witness church because they spoke English. We are also teaching them and I think that Siva likes our church better. Talei came to a relief society activity on Saturday and said she had a good time. Belinda’s husband plays rugby with Siva and we are also teaching him. On Sunday they had a game and Belinda said that he took the English book of Mormon so that Siva could read the Book of Mormon with him! That’s so solid!

We are praying for someone to baptize on March 27. Can you include that in your prayers?

OH! Something cool I just found out! So back when I was in the mtc and trying to make a French plan of salvation, I found this elder that was going to Belgium who knew how to draw, so I did the handwriting and he did the drawings. Today we had a crepe fête with the elders and one of them started talking about this elder. I asked Soeur Nielsen if it was the one who helped me with the plan of salvation and she said yes and the elder talking about him said "you did that plan of salvation? There are like 5 people getting baptized in [some random area I don't know] because of that plan of salvation." pretty cool huh?

Love you all!


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