Wednesday, 3 March 2010

March 2, 2010

Dear family,

I will tell you about the awesomeness of the photo attached to this email. About a week ago we got a call about the zone activity which would take place after interviews on Saturday [hence why you didn't hear from me]. The elders asked us to bring a salad. Soeur Bellini and I decided that we wanted to do something crazy, and on Thursday night I said "let's make a cookie salad!" she looked at me and told me I was crazy, however, she soon saw the genius. Our salad consisted of snicker doodles, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites, and no bakes. We showed up and it was a hit! Everyone loved it!

Interviews were good. When we got there all the elders told us that president tells you where you were going. However, Soeur Gifford came out of her interview and president told her he wasn't certain where she was going and that she could ask the assistants when they got there. You all know how well I am at waiting for news like that, so I whipped out my phone and we called the assistants. They told us that Soeur Gifford would be coming HERE to Versailles! I am so glad to be leaving my area and companion to her! She will do such a great job! Then I said "Elder McKay, since you are on the phone, where am I going?" and he said "you Soeur Pobst, are going to Lille!" I said "Lille, where is that?" He then told me it is in north France RIGHT on the border to BELGUIM! I couldn't believe it! President and the assistants said that Lille had 24 baptisms last year and that they just had one last weekend! We looked at the reportoire, this paper that says where everyone is going, and I am the ONLY Parisian sister leaving for the Belgium areas! That makes me so nervous! Luckily I know 6 sisters in the Belgium mission from the mtc, but I don't know who my comp is. She left the mtc right before I got there. I've talked to her since, but not much, just "hey, my train arrives at 11, hope to see you there!" I am going to a 4 man apartment, which I am pretty stoked about.

After interviews, we were supposed to go finding, but instead I took Soeur Gifford to meet Jeanne and tell her where I am going. Ever since we have gone to Jeanne’s shop there are these stained glass earrings that I LOVE and she knows it and she gave them to me on Saturday! Today we are swinging by there to give her a picture in one of the frames mom sent me for Christmas.

Yesterday we spent a lot of the day trying to find this patch with the seal of Versailles on it, with no luck. We are hoping to find some after this. We were supposed to see Jess, but she cancelled and we have no time today.

That’s pretty much all the cool stuff that happened...sorry this is short! We just keep getting cancelled on...
Know that I love you all!


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