Sunday, 28 March 2010

March 22,2010

Dear fam,

Friday night at 10, we got a text from the bishop's wife asking me if I could give a talk on Sunday. Since we were too busy on Saturday for me to write one, I pretty much just went up and read true to the faith. it was on obtaining personal revelation. don't worry, I added a few gems of my wisdom.

This week flew. We met a lot of people, we taught a lot, and a lot of people said no. HOWEVER, we set a for sure baptismal date for Kai, April 24th. I will probably still be here, Soeur Kohler will probably be gone. This is her third transfer here and usually president doesn't leave sisters in an area for more than one transfer. I for one and excited to see what will happen because I was the only originally Parisian to leave Paris area. Soeur Kohler keeps thinking that she will head back up to Belgium.

Siva and Talei didn't come to church yesterday because Siva was sick. Talei is coming to an FHE at Belinda’s tonight. I committed them to baptism last week. Siva said yes, but that he didn't know if he was ready and Talei didn't say anything. hopefully conference will be a big turning block, plus there is a baptism this weekend that could be good. we just keep praying for them.

At DMP in Versailles we would pray in English and a lot of the elders after praying would say "oh man that was so hard." I used to scoff at them in my head, but now I say all my prayers in French.

I finished Helaman in my baby book of Mormon today, CRAZY that this transfer is almost over!

Yesterday I didn't straighten my hair and it was drizzly. When I got to church, my hair was curly. CRAZY!

love you all!


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