Saturday, 30 January 2010

January 22. 2010


This week was good, tough to say goodbye to Soeur Roberts, ( however, getting new companions is always good.)

Joyfully, Marta and family were at church yesterday. The elders have started teaching Jean-Paul, Marta’s son and Jess' boyfriend, and he is very enthusiastic. Yesterday in relief society when they asked Jess if she was a visitor, she responded "no, I live here and will be coming from now on." The ward was super great and welcoming them and talking to them. We are meeting with Jess on Tuesday and I feel that it will be a good rendezvous. The first actual teaching rendezvous since December!

We have officially decided that Marta needs the member outreach and not the missionaries. We talked to the primary president yesterday and have a rendezvous in like a week and a half with her, she agreed to call Marta this week to talk about her 8 year old son. We are meeting with the relief society president tomorrow to find out about her visiting teachers and to discuss other fewer actives that we are supposed to work with. Something I have learned about less active work; it really doesn't work when missionaries do it. Members need to do it here.

Oh, the new companion! She is great, we have lots of fun. She compares tj's to this race of alien on star trek, she eats peanut butter and nutella with a spoon, and she cooks great! I love it, she just cooks all the time and I just do the dishes. Hopefully I'll pick up a few things from her. She has been out 9 months and is from
Washington. She doesn't have a French name, so we don't get the same responses that Soeur Roberts and I used to get.

This morning we went to a catholic breakfast party! There is this "discussion" group about God and Jesus and the purpose of life on Monday mornings and this morning we went and I met 2 people that are SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for the gospel! We are thinking that our presence there will be enough for them to start asking us questions, one of them is thinking about getting baptized catholic just for the heck of it. The other one grew up catholic, wasn't practicing and then her brother died in a car accident and so she found peace in the church. She has a little girl named Camille and she came up to me and said "tu est belle" [you are beautiful]. I just love it. I will have more updates for you!

This week is a full week so probably a lot of stuff in next weeks email!

Oh! An elder got deported recently! Chinese speaking! I hope that one of Aaron’s buddies gets that call; it is an amazing work over here!

We are in
Paris, we don't have very many plans except going to the Eiffel tower at 6 to see glitter! That will be yper chouette!

Love and miss you all! Enjoy the pics! One is from my birthday party, the other from the grocery store, and I can't remember what else I sent...


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