Friday, 22 January 2010

January 16, 2010

Dear fam,
We just checked the transfer email and it is true, I am staying and Soeur Roberts is leaving. my new companion is Soeur Bellini, she's been out 9 months and I had a feeling she was going to come here. We will have fun times.

The other day we stopped by Jeanne’s shop to see her since she couldn't come to English class this last week and she called us and said that she would be going to our church on Saturday. Sometimes it is harder to communicate with her because she is older and English is her 2nd language. We went to her shop and she had been reading her book, she is still very confused on multiply wives, instead of trying to explain it to her, I whipped out my family photo and showed her that my dad has one wife, my brother has one wife, and my brother-in-law has only one wife. Her response was "your family is very fashionable." She gives the best compliments. The first time we met her daughter, she asked if we were nuns and Jeanne said that we were too pretty to be nuns.

Sunday was super disappointing. After being reassured that they would come to church, Marta and family did not. Our rendezvous with Jess got cancelled on Monday so we went over to Marta’s to inquire why they weren't and church and she said because it was cold. We are also going to find out who her visiting and home teachers are because she needs them. No one does their visiting or home teaching in
France and it is sad.

On Tuesday we taught a new ami, we will see how it goes.

We taught Sylvie on Wednesday with a member and it seemed to be really good. when we got there we asked her if she had read [
alma 32] and she said that she hadn't finished it. However, she meant she hadn't finished Alma. she had read 32-38 and I'm glad she stopped there. The apostasy really made sense to her, now it is only a matter of if the restoration does.

It is starting to get warmer; hopefully soon we won't have to wear our winter stuff. I'm hoping next transfer I head out to near
Normandy, we will just have to wait and see!

I sent home a memory card and have a bunch of responses to Christmas cards that probably won't get sent until February. So, if anyone sent me a Christmas card, you will get a response in February.

I finished the Book of Mormon on Wednesday and can't wait to start it again on Monday. I will also be studying the doctrine and covenants and conference talks. I also restarted the Book of Mormon in French and I just love it now because I can understand it better and it is helping my French.

I saved sacrament meeting last week. The organist has been out of town and the person who had been playing the piano wasn't there, so I stood up and went and played. I hope to not have to do that again.

love and miss you all!


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