Thursday, 14 January 2010

January 2, 2010 Last week to be 21

Dear Fam

Today it is SO cold! This last week has been nice, but today is freezing!

We have been doing a lot with our area book, Matt and Justin can explain that, and have set a couple rendezvous. We had one today with a woman named Sylvie who was so extremely polite and awesome. Can’t wait for her baptism.

This week was another slow week with the holidays. On Monday we treated it like a
p-day and went to the Versatile Chateau in hopes of going on a tour, but it was closed, instead we walked around the grounds for about 2 hours and came home and chilled.

We didn't see Jess this week, but according to Martha the mother in law she is very excited to see us on Sunday. Jean-Paul [Martha’s son, Jess' boyfriend] is also very excited for church. The elders might teach them as a family, there is one that connects with Jean-Paul very well.

When visiting Martha this week we discovered that one of her son's turns 8 at the end of January. Since she is a recent convert, she thought that he needed to meet with the missionaries to explain stuff to him. We will meet with her on Monday to explain that we don’t need to formally teach him and help prepare him for baptism.

For New Year’s Eve we went to a family in the wards house, almost all the missionaries were there except for one companionship. Soeur Roberts and I stayed up until about 12:01. So tough to stay up late. The reason that we don't get fed by members very often is that they don't usually eat until 8. It would be so inconvenient.

We had interviews with president this week and he told me that I would stay in Versatile. That makes me happy; there are a lot of things that I want to see through. I think I know who my next comp is, but we will see in 2 weeks.

Matt, I was wrong, French people do call it coca. After I talked to you I realized it.

I also realize that I have started to call our apartment "home."

Mom, we are going to watch the Thomas S. Monsoon DVD at an appointment this week with a recent convert. I am pretty excited.

Love you all! I finish the book of Mormon in 2 weeks and then start again!


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