Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Strict Obedience

September 11,2009

Cher famille,
I must say, I do like this method where you dear elder me responses to my email because I have all week to think about what to write AND 28 minutes to write all of my email!

I want to start by telling you a story about strict obedience. On the first day you have to watch this orientation video and it forbids wearing band shirts to the gym. "Camille" thought, "wow, that's such a dumb rule" and not going to lie, Soeur Pobst thought the same thing. However, Soeur Pobst does not wear her band shirts to gym time. Almost every gym time however, I see people in band shirts and it's funny because they act like it isn't a band. Thrice? You like to count? REALLY!?

This week was another good one. There was a bit of friction in the companionship this week between all of us, but we had companionship inventory and now things are pretty good. There was a little friction between Soeur Gifford and I because she wants to start teaching in French and I don't. I could feel this would become an issue, so I brought it up to Soeur Gifford and we decided that we would start teaching in French in 2 Saturdays. Problems all resolved.

Ok, the spiritual stuff. There is something called a progressing investigator that you can sign up for. It is a teacher that speaks your language and you teach every week and they act like someone they taught on their mission. Our’s is Paul, a student, who doesn't believe in organized religion because of the awful things like the crusades and inquisitions. The whole first lesson was pretty much God Loves You, one of my favorite parts of the first lesson. he said that he feels that religions should be a solo quest and his challenge this week was to read the first vision and pray about it. we go teach him tomorrow, we'll see how he did. we plan on teaching him about apostasy and prophets and the restoration of the gospel tomorrow.

We have been to the RC twice, and I think that is great preparation for a mission. in the RC you make calls to people that have gone on the website and ordered a movie. I called someone yesterday and they said they only spoke Spanish; however, her English was good enough to correct my spangles. When I said "yo se Joseph smith prophet" she said, "prophet is propheta in Spanish." she also said she met with an elder Cozza, and I thought it was Joey, but she lived in Kansas and he was from Venezuela...so definitely not Joey.
MEN OF THE FAMILY WHERE IS THE LOVE?! dad, you still around? Aaron, you still alive? Matt, you still kickin? I haven't heard from dad and matt for a bit and Aaron not at all?! dear elder isn't that hard yos!

The computers here at the mtc can access lds.org, my email, and this language tutoring program. My clothes are awesome, I love them all! The toe-less nylons do NOT work, I tried last week. no bueno. no bon, I mean. I wore the black dress last week and everyone complimented me on it!

I have note cards of stuff I want to memorize in my planner so if we are waiting for something I review them. but yeah, line upon line, precept on precept. the gospel studies are good. lately we've been learning a lot about the apostasy, from the scriptures and history. One of my teachers knows A TON about it. in my personal book of Mormon study I was reading about Abinidi but I might start doing it in my French Book of Mormon. In personal study I just finished a week long study of charity. I feel like I have been a happier missionary and person because of it. One of my teachers went to Paris and so he teaches us random things we need to know in Paris. One of them in a hand gesture we are supposed to make when someone gets burned. pretty sweet.

Never in my life have I known more about BYU football then while in the MTC, they talked about it at mission conference and all the elders talk about it ALL THE TIME. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks either! It feels like 2 years! Beach volleyball was great yesterday; I had so many great plays! oh, I need you to find the address to Brookside apartments in Rexburg and dear elder it to me either today or tomorrow. Sometime soon.

So, I think all my life I have never really gotten fast Sunday. I would sleep until church and then like an hour after church eat. here, you wake up at 630 and don't eat until 5. oh and you have meetings like every second of the day, that made for one grumpy Soeur Pobst. however, this next fast Sunday I want to try and do better.

When I was coming up with goals, I would always say like "memorize this" or "learn this", but I was reading in preach my gospel and it says that your goals should relate to the desires of your heart. I wrote the desires of my heart and picked goals from them. I think they are great goals and this is going to be a great week.
love and miss everyone! keep being good!

oh, I LOVE the Provo temple!
oh, I saw Caleb Shumway and Neal Stanfield this week, RANDOM!
oh, and I LOVE YOU ALL!
Emily got you a sweet present today. totally mailing it. totally excited for it!
peace out,

Soeur Camille Pobst!

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