Wednesday, 9 September 2009

MTC First Reports

Letters and Email August 28,2009

I will tell you that this place is the craziest most emotion filled place EVER. It is interesting to me how one second I can be completely confident with my French and then next second completely down. However, on Wednesday we had a large group meeting and one of the mtc presidency talked to us and told us to not get down on ourselves because of our weakness in learning our language.

I remind myself that I still have 8 weeks to learn and that I don't need to know everything, just try my hardest and depend on the Lord and I will be strengthened.

Today we have free time for another hour and a half where we are going to do little errands, like picking stuff up from the bookstore and signing up for a progressive investigator. We all have to write a talk in French on obedience tomorrow for church and the branch presidency told us that we might get called on. Even though I doubt he will call on us, Soeur Gifford & Soeur Lavaka & myself will still write our talks for the experience.

I love looking down at my tag, I get all giddy and excited, it's the best!


Soeur Camille Pobst
August 28, 2009


Dear Familie

Today is letter day! Next Fridays I get to set up my email account but today is letters.

The MTC, wow I have never been humbled so many times in one day however each time I am humbled I am reminded that I have a loving Heavenly Father that loves me and will support me.
My companions are Soeur Gifford and Soeur Lavaka. Soeur Gifford is also gong to Paris and is totally awesome! She is so diligent and patient. She took some French in college so she helps me! Soeur Lavaka is going to Tahiti so she goes to a different class where she learns French and Tahitian.

I want to write letters to Emily in French! It is such a beautiful language and whenever I speak it I can hardly believe I can make such beautiful sounds! I can pray, bear moi temoiguage, introduce myself as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and state the missionary purpose in French! I have to cheat a little and read some, but I hope to have it memorized by the end of the next week.

The elders in my district are awesome. At meals they stand when we approach the table and take our trays when the meal ends. 3 are going to Paris , 2 Congo and 1 Tahiti. In our room is my companionship, another headed to Belgium, they are Soeur Powers and Soeur Flook. On Tuesday Soeur Powers will be my companion as we go to San Francisco. I am really excited because last night we had a great discussion about discouragement and forgetting oneself. I am grateful that I get to spend the day with her, She leaves in 3 weeks.

2 Nylons have runs, one is still wearable, another pair of the thigh highs refuse to stay up. I for see lots of nylon packages. I have been playing a lot of volleyball weird I know. Dad have the YM prepare lessons from the PMG lessons in Chapter three? I wish I had done more in that chapter.

Aaron be obedient, I love and miss you

love always,

Soeur Camille Pobst
August 28, 2009

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