Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sending Camille to MTC

Tuesday, one day before Camille reported to the MTC in Provo, we met with our Stake President, President Waldron for Camille to be set apart. He spent some time before the blessing talking with her about her mission. He gave her a beautiful blessing.

Shawn, Camille, Aaron and I went to breakfast at MiMi’s. Yummy food and way too much. Later that afternoon we drove her down to the airport.

As were hugging Camille shared tears as we said good-bye, we are so excited for her to learn and grow and have this experience. She has talked about going on a mission for a very long time. We are confident in the missionary program and all it gives to those who serve.

A few feet away from us was a family was saying good-bye to their young daughter about the same age as Camille. She was dressed in military fatigues. It was a bit heart breaking to watch this family say their good-byes. I had to say a silent prayer in behalf of the young girl and her family for Heavenly Father to keep watch over her in a much different way that the prayers we offer for Camille. There was a stark contrast as they walked down the lanes to security, both dressed in uniforms going to serve.

We watched Camille go through security before we left.

Wednesday morning she met up with Grandma Alice, off to Provo. A quick stop at Wal-mart where she ran into another girl getting ready to go the MTC, and then at lunch she met another soon to be missionary.

New drop office proceedure, the MTC gives each family one car pass that allows them into the driveway. They pulled in, stopped, missionaries came out and unloaded the luggage (all 100 lbs), grandma gave her a hug and a kiss and into the doors she went.

August 25th

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