Wednesday, 13 October 2010

General Conference

October 4, 2010
Dear family!

Holy goodness that was general conference! I can't even believe it was my last one as a missionary and I'd be lying if I wasn't sad they didn't announce the Paris temple...but I think that will take time. I can't wait for a conference ensign to read these talks!

6. General conference. I saw the relief society broadcast, all the Saturday sessions, and Sunday morning. I really liked the relief society broadcast, definitely hitting on loving each other. Very good message.

I think every missionary had tears in their eyes during elder Holland’s talk. soooooooooo good. I don't know if you guys know, but he served in London. I found that out in the mtc. Elder Christofferson, oh man he always hits on those heavy subjects. such a powerful talk. I was a bit surprised about President Uchtdorf's subject because it seems like he normally has a Christian attribute to talk about, but I really needed his talk. very very very true. Very very good :)

Saturday afternoon started out with probably one of my favorite talks, Elder Hales talk on agency. SO GOOD. I felt agency was a very big theme this conference, as well as following the prophet. Elder Scott’s talk was definitely one was I will need to read. I wrote that in my notes with a star by it. Elder Andersen’s was good, but I am a bit biased. I just love his talks :)

Sunday morning was power-filled! I would hate to have to listen to a President Eyring talk through a translator, they are just so full of emotion! President Packer's was VERY needed and very powerful and very VERY strong. I definitely need to read Elder Oak’s talk again and Elder Jensen’s. They both were ones that I was just watching and just thinking and just learning. President Monson's on gratitude was very very good. I wish I could use other adjectives, those are really the only words that are coming to mind.

5. Chantel. On Tuesday she started out our rendezvous by telling us that she would never become Mormon, she thinks that we are great people, that we have good morals and that we have a good view of Christ, but not for her. We didn't really take that seriously. We taught her about prayer and talked about what she had read in the book of Mormon. We came back on Thursday and talked about God as our LOVING Heavenly Father. We gave her a cut up pass along card and told her that she could do it herself or she could ask for help. She tried doing it by herself, but it just didn't work quite right. Eventually she asked for help. We related that to prayer. She said "but sometimes it is hard to ask." I feel like she is starting to see Heavenly Father differently than before and she said she would watch conference online.

4. Chernel. I realized that is how his name is spelt. He is doing well, we talked about the temple and preparing to go. There is a trip to London at the end of this month and I really hope he can come with us. He went to teach Alexandre and Francoise and he did SO GOOD. We told him the subjects before and he studied them in his gospel principles book and pretty much taught the lesson. He came to conference with Alexandre on the train and really liked it and he was hanging out with Xavier.

3. Ji. I really feel like she believes in God now. We asked her how praying was going and she said that she was Praying and then recounted all of these blessings that had come into her life. We are pretty sure that she connected the blessings to her praying. We talked about the pre-existence and the 2 plans presented and why we needed Jesus Christ. I told a story I had learned from my mtc teacher. He relates it to a parent who had an all white house and one of the kids went to play soccer and got muddy. They came home and the parent told them to go wash off with the hose, but they still didn't get clean enough and so the parent sent out their older brother to help them get clean again. she really liked that and understood it. I also made a connection in that lesson as to why Satan’s plan was ridiculous. I told her it would be like if her son told her daughter that she didn't need to listen to her mom anymore, that he was more important. She is reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese. :)

2. Alexandre and Francoise. The first rendezvous this week we went on the baptismal questions and Francoise answered them all as if she was getting baptized. We asked her to pray for a baptismal date and she said maybe December. We went back on Thursday with Chernel and she told us that she didn't want to get baptized. She told Soeur Kohler that she doesn't feel like she can pay tithing. Soeur Kohler told her that she could talk to the bishop and we'll probably bring that concern up in priesthood meeting this week. Alexandre on the other hand is doing great! Svery time we go over there he is SO excited. He read like 8 chapters in 2nd Nephi in like 2 days. The only probably is his smoking. He really enjoyed priesthood session and has his baptismal interview this week :) Apparently he and Xavier have a "surprise" for me. Xavier also loved conference and is like best friends with Alexandre.

1. We went to Belinda’s for priesthood session lunch. I just love being around her. She is such a remarkable person and it is just so wonderful how this gospel has blessed their family. They were talking about the temple and going next May :) She said Kai is always talking about things they need to do so that he can honor his priesthood more honorably. We saw him a bit after priesthood session and he is just soo good and it is crazy to think of how he was before. They are such a good family and I am so excited for them to go to the temple!

I love you all! have a good week!


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