Monday, 19 October 2009

October 7

Cher Famille,
This week, we started our new planner! HOLLA! That was very strange to realize just how long I've been here and how little time we have left! 17 days! At the beginning of the week one of our teachers gave us a talk about "enduring to the end" and continuing to study and to learn and perfect our French and not get too excited about leaving that we can't focus. I definitely needed that talk because I just think that I am so ready to leave...even though I'm probably not.

We received 22 new missionaries to the zone on Wednesday. Only one is going to Paris and it's an elder, so whatevs. Tonight is a zone activity so hopefully we can get to know them a little bit better.

I may receive my flight plans tomorrow! If it is the same flight plan I gave to the French government, my flight is on OCTOBER 26 at 4:45 P.M. I heard it will be, so be expecting calls the hours before that.

This week my ankles have been hurting me when I run. The athletic trainer said it's a muscle in my calf and that I need to take a break and stretch it really good and ice it. hopefully this week I can return to running, as boring as it is. It is starting to get too cold for outside gym time. Saturday croquet is still possible, but most likely no outside volleyball :(

Mom- merci pour la package. Very grateful. I love the nylons! So much better than the ones in the bookstore! The pictures were awesome! I loved them! A lot of times our "investigators" ask about our families and so it is nice to have a picture to show them so they associate us as people, not just missionaries

Dad- I would tell you to have your young men learn French because it is so much cooler, but chances are they will all go Spanish speaking. everyone is speaking Spanish. however, in the last 30 baptism rates in Europe have risen 50% and Elder Uchtdorf said that there will be a great harvest in Europe in the future. I hope you got to watch it. I feel like Elder Andersen is my apostle, that all of his talks have something I need to hear. all of them.

There was a companionship exchange and one of the elders from the other district had to come to mine. Weak sauce and it totally threw off the dynamic of our district and he talks about how his other teachers are better and he likes the other class better. I want to say "well, then you should have learned how to get along with your comp," but I don't. I just think of how much I didn't like Soeur Lavaka when I met and for the first couple weeks, but that's the only thing that makes me sad about leaving, that I'll be leaving her behind. so grateful for the opportunity to get to know her and learn how to overcome differences. the song "for good" from wicked is a great one for missionary companionships.

Oh, I shared Alma22:18 with Bang-Feng. Read that, and figure out what he got from that verse.

peace & love fam,
soeur camille

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