Monday, 19 October 2009

October 2

Dear Famille,
I would like to inform you all of my victory at croquet last Saturday. while it appeared Elder Millman would win since he finished first and had poisoned three people, I ended up winning and getting him and Soeur Lavaka out. that's right Pobst/Van Dusen Fam, I represent.
oh man I am so stoked pour conference this weekend! ah! almost everyday this week I would watch old conference was the best. we didn't watch the relief society broadcast last week because we watch it when the elders watch priesthood session.

this week...I guess we missed the boat on committing Bang-Feng to baptism. the teacher told us that we could have, so I guess we need to pay more attention to the spirit in the future. the TRC was good this week, we taught an elder that was on leave from his mission due to medical stuff so our French was about the same level. it is insane how much better my French is when I am teaching...maybe I should just teach all the time? we usually teach someone at least once a day in French. there's this one elder that grew up in Paris and he's kinda a tool and speaks really fast French. . his comp is from France and going to my mission and he is nice and always explains things really slow and is very helpful.

the RC this week was not fun. I chatted with the guy from last week that didn't believe the atonement and he believes it's his duty to get on and harass missionaries. I found out that he has actually talked to a bunch of missionaries. very disheartening. however, a couple weeks ago I had a phone call with a lady and we just talked about the church and she said she wasn't interested now, but possibly later. I totally forgot about it until last night when my teacher had some spare time so he went and listened to our phone calls. he told me it was a good call so I'll probably call her tonight and invite her to conference.

this week my teacher said this about my French to the class. "you should all be like Soeur Pobst. she doesn't really plan what she's going to say before she says it and she doesn't really conjugate her verbs, but I can tell she's trying and that makes me think about what she's saying to try and figure it out. she's just throwing herself into the French." I'm pretty sure that's a compliment. I just get so wrapped up in it when I'm teaching I don't have time to conjugate and they usually all sound the same anyway...pretty sure I also always talk in present tense.

Well fam! love ya! miss ya!

soeur camille

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