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it's beginning to look like a lot Christmas

December 20, 2010

Dear family,

It is freezing and it has been snowing for 2 days straight. I have never seen this much snow in France. There are no buses and so we had a nice long trek in the snow to get to emails today.

This week was the week that Soeur McClaine had to say goodbye to a bunch of people. We went and saw our African mama that we teach and she gave us scarves. We love her!

Lately our amis, Nathaly and Fatilha, have started to stagnate a bit. We felt we should share testimony and good experiences with the Book of Mormon. We taught Nathaly from the introduction together and before we even said anything she said "Whoa, I need to read this book." We bore our testimonies about the Book of Mormon and she committed to read it.

Our rendez-vous with Fatilha, went much differently. We have yellow cards that have the questions of the soul from chapter five of preach my gospel on them. We decided that we would read a chapter with Fatilha and let her pick one of the questions. The chapter that she picked was Alma 39.....The question was, how do I prevent bad things from my family? She was a bit side tracked on the real intent of Corianton. I hope the next rendez-vous we can get a member there. It's hard when we are trying so hard and it just doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. I have faith that this will turn around as soon as she starts acting. The Book of Mormon promise is there for everyone and it works for everyone :)

We had lunch with Yue, Sufang, and Nathaly on Saturday at Yue's house and it was a little hard trying to focus on all three and meeting each individual need. We did however start a Book of Mormon reading club that we would all read a chapter a day and then on Sundays after church we will discuss what we read! I am pretty excited for it because now we are all accountable to each other for what we do.So far everyone has kept up on their reading commitments :) I'm sad, Yue is just as busy during vacation as she is during school. On Wednesday we are going by her place to drop off a reading bookmark I made and hope that she will let us teach her a mini lesson! I just love that girl!

We've been contacting a good amount of people. Probably my favorite was this little Asian-looking old lady whose name I can't spell. I saw her look at us and smile, so I told Soeur McClaine to go contact her. Soeur McClaine finally did and got her number :) we figured she was Chinese and decided that if we couldn't understand her and she couldn't understand us, we would pass her to the elders. However, she is from Tibet and doesn't speak hopefully we can communicate! I think it will be good :)

Also, very exciting news! By the Paris church there used to be this exposition, but it has been closed for 6 months and they have re-done it to be a visitor center! The church is very excited to see how this goes with the installation of small visitor centers in different places. We get to go into Paris once a week to work there. A lot of people are really excited about the Joseph Smith prophet of the restoration movie in French! I am one of those people!

Well fam, can't wait to talk on Christmas and tell you all about my new companion and our Christmas adventures!

I love you!


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