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The French version of......

October 25, 2010


Being in France, I often see the French versions of people I know from home. The other day I saw Adam Helland here in France; however, he was French. I was so tempted to take a picture of him, but I didn't.

I AM SO EXCITED THAT BABY LYLA WAS BORN TODAY!!!!! Well, yesterday. JUST CRAZY! Doesn’t completely seem real, but that's understandable. I think that the movie recorders on iphones do not open on this computer, I wish I could see the videos of Emily singing happy birthday to sweet baby lyla :)

Ah bon, the missionary work stuff....well sadly, Charlotte and Cederic thought about it and realized that they aren't practicing Catholics, why would they want to go to another religion. It was a sad day, but there are other rays of sunshine!

  1. WE FIXED A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH FRANCOISE! She is getting baptized December 11:) The last time we were there with Chernel she said "I've come to realize that you have a lot of teachings the same as the Catholics" and Chernel and Alexandre went off on why it is pointless to believe in saints and what not, which didn't really help on Thursday we taught the apostasy with cups, I'll show you all later, and said "yes, there are a lot of teachings that are the same because they stayed on the earth after the death of Christ and His apostles, however, the priesthood authority is what was missing with the foundation of all the churches." We talked about what the priesthood is, gift of the Holy Ghost and Alexandre's feelings since being baptized.

Then Soeur Kohler was like "you are ready, we are praying right now for a date, and you are saying the prayer." We prayed and we were all quiet waiting for Francoise to talk after and then she said "I'm not ready”. Soeur Kohler was like "that's not true, everyone including yourself knows that is not true." Then she said, “January”. We were glad she set a date but it was so far away. Then she said "actually, December." Soeur Kohler said "December 11 is my last weekend in France, can we do it then?" and Francoise said yes! We are all so excited and we actually hadn't told anyone in the ward yet because we spent most of Saturday in Belgium picking up the car. Sunday it was really funny in amis class when the dmp kept inviting Francoise to be the end of class she told him she was getting baptized and he looked at me and Soeur Kohler like we had dropped the ball. Oh well, she is getting baptized! I'm sad because I probably won't be here but the good news is that she is getting baptized.

2. We have the car for 2 weeks! Then it goes back to Belgium for 3 weeks, and then it comes back, but I will probably be somewhere else so....looking forward to this next 2 weeks with a car and a gas strike!

3. We made an appointment with Ji for a rendezvous’ this Wednesday at a park if the weather is good! Pray for good weather!

4. Contacted this really cool student. When we asked her what she thought the significance for having a prophet on the earth she said, "I think it would be like having a guide or a connection to heaven." It is vacation this week, so we won't see her until the week after!

5. I have a new hat...Sylvain came back from Peru and I asked him to get me a beanie with llamas on it. I know I already have one, but I don't have it in France with me. So he came back from Peru and he pulls out this hat that is kind of like the opposite of what I asked for. It is way cool, it is like a woven Madeleine hat? I'll take a picture this week. Soeur Kohler thought it was hilarious. She got this little sack.

That was pretty much our week...spent 2 days basically traveling and then another day celebrating Soeur Kohler and her life :)

I love you all!


p.s. forgot! so our relief society president's mom is getting baptized down in Versailles and asked if I could help with a special musical number.. Yesterday, she shows up to church with 3 songs for me to learn. 2 of then are easy, one of them will take some practice. I'm kind of worried, it is a piano and violin duet. I'm playing “Jupiter” by Holst and the violin is playing “Come Thou Fount”. The violin will be played by her 10 year old daughter and the last time I did a special musical number with a ten year old it was kind of....terrible. I'm sure this one will be way better since it won't be thrown at me 5 minute before the baptism:) good week full of piano :)

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  1. That's funny, because I see American versions of French people all the time. mdr