Friday, 12 February 2010

February 6, 2010

I'd be all about the zona pride
Chere Famille,

I will start off by telling you about pizza pai. Back on October 31, 2009 the elders wanted to go to this pizza buffet and invited us. We drove for about 20-30 minutes due to getting lost. After they move a bunch of tables together because people don't usually go out in groups of 10, they inform us that the buffet is not offered on Saturdays. We ended up at KFC. Soeur Roberts and I were not happy that night, which is probably why I didn't tell you about it. Anyway, this last Wednesday we were on our way to English class and the elders called and invited us to go to pizza pai after with them. We went and it was so much fun. The buffet is a bit tricky, what they do is they bring out a board that is a meter long with 6 different types of pizza on it, none of it resembling anything you would get in the states. They usually only give you 2 meters at a time, but one of the elders said that we needed to start with 3. Notice the word start with. We weren't even halfway done when the same elder told the waitress the prep our next 2 meters. Oh goodness....however, there was a lot of funny conversations. This one elder asked me what it's like being from Arizona. I told him I enjoyed it and he said "if I was from zona I'd be all about the zona pride." right after he asked me what the water is like for wakeboarding in Arizona. I told him I didn't wakeboard and he was shocked. "Really, you don't wakeboard? Wow, I just thought you did." so, I guess I seem like a wake boarder.

We saw Jess this week and it was really good. She totally has a testimony and is praying for a baptismal date. Jess was at church last week and I gave her an extra cantique [little hymn book] that Soeur Roberts had. She was so excited. One of the members asked Jess if she was a member and she said "pas encore" [not yet]. One of the best moments ever.

Jeanne, my dear sweet Jeanne. She couldn't come to English class last Wednesday because there was a train strike and she had gone to Paris, so we went to her shop on Thursday. While we were helping her with her homework she pointed to a pair of earrings and asked me if I liked them. I told her that they were pretty and she asked me if I wanted them. I told her no thank you and then she pointed to another pair of earrings. This finally ended when she gave a pair to Soeur Bellini and a customer came in. the customer was looking at these bracelets and Jeanne goes "Pobst, come pick one." so I went and picked a simple bracelet with a shamrock on it. Jeanne called us yesterday to see if we could come back and help her with more of her homework. We went in there and helped her and when we got there she went into the back office of the shop and said "my friends are here!" oh she is the best. We are thinking about giving her little readings out of our search for happiness because it is easy to read and understand to help her learn about the church.

We went to Martha’s last night and watched finding faith in Christ. It was awesome to watch Jason watch it and to watch him feel the Spirit. It was very tender and at the end he said that he didn't have a favorite part that it all was his favorite, but watching him I could tell his favorite part was in the garden when the resurrected Christ appears to marry. We also watched this movie in Spanish and I could understand most of it. We gave Martha a list of three things to do this week to help Jason’s testimony grow and told her after she had done those things that we would have another rendezvous. I think this was good because it will help her realize that there are things she can do to help him..

Love and miss you all!

We went to visit a less active family in the ward with a member and they hit it off great. The two women have had similar difficult circumstances in their lives and so this will be good. We expect to see the less active family at church on Sunday.

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