Tuesday, 11 August 2009

so, sometimes I can be a brat

tonight I was at institute and I saw a buddy that I hadn't talked to in a while. whilst talking to said buddy, we were discussing purple grapes vs. green grapes, this random kid walks up to me and asks my name. I was a bit annoyed, earlier in the night this boy insulted my favorite zac efron, and now he was interrupting this conversation without engaging my friend to find out my name? so, being the brat I am, I turned to him and said, "it's I'm going on a mission in two weeks, what's your's?" he just kinda looked at me for a second and my friend started asking me if I was excited and our conversation resumed and the interrupting fiend vanished.
I may be rude, but I feel that this kid was even more rude. yes, most boys [like 99.9%] don't like zac efron. they be hatin' on his beautiful smile. anyway, when someone is talking about how much they love something, the topic was 17 again, I feel it's rude to say how much you hate it. I also think it's rude to interrupt a conversation and not even acknowledge the other person! so rude!
anyway, the moral of the story is, zac efron is amazing...someday, we'll chill and drink fiji water.

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