Thursday, 23 July 2009

things that make me happy

1. allie came to visit

one of my favorite friends came to visit me before I head off to france. she was here for four days and we had lots of fun! we watched lord of the rings, made bfffff bracelets, went to the temple & oreganos, and attempted to hike humphrey's peak [we got rained out].

2. harry potter obsession

my favorite niece came to visit before her move to a far away place and I go to france. since I'm her aunt, it is my responsibility to teach her about all important things. I bought her a pair of wayfarers and introduced her to harry potter. I would draw lightning bolts on her forehead [after the first time she would ask me to do it] and we would watch the movies, potter puppet pals on youtube, and when she would play in my room she would "read" the books. it warms my heart.

3. missionary letters!
I've gotten three this week! it always makes me so happy to hear from my friends! one of them is serving in mesa, it feels kinda silly to mail his letter, I could just drop it off! whatevs though, I'm still happy!

4. a new book
I went to borders in hopes of getting the 7th book in the series of unfortunate events series, but they didn't have I got this book instead. it is compared to harry potter, the series of unfortunate events series, and roald dahl books. I hope it lives up to these comparisons.

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